What is a Park Model?

A Park Model falls under a building code CSA Z241, this building code is the national building standard that must be met by all manufacturers producing Park Models. A Park Model can be 538 Sq. ft., or less. Two common footprint sizes or floor plan dimensions are 12’ X 44’ or 14’ X 39’, addition of bays and bump outs are included within the sq. footage and overall width for transportation, and in turn bays do shorten the Park Model home to stay at 538 Sq. ft. MAX. Park Models that fall legally under the required building restrictions will carry a CSA/Intertek sticker and product number. To build larger than the 538 SQ ft. or CSA Z241 code, different building code and licensing must be met.

Park Models can be built as 3 season or 4 season units; 3 season units are usually built to the bare minimum building code that will pass, 4 season units drastically vary to the overall level of efficiency. Quality 4 season Park Models will generally be found with siding, house wrap, 7/16 OSB sheathing with 2X6 studded walls holding an R19-R20 Insulation rating, interior vapor barrier, ½ inch drywall and dual pane low E vinyl windows. Many Park Models do not fall under this level of efficiency, as you may know these small hidden qualities create a longer lasting energy saving, comfy, cozy dwelling and in most cases, these qualities can be found in select Manufacturers without adding overall additional cost to the product. CSA Z241 Code is designed to accommodate 3 season use, though the construction of a few Park Model Manufacturers can be truly used within winter months, as a warm and cozy winter designed getaway.

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