Developer Opportunities

Expert Home has established a program where as developers have the opportunity to gain maximum exposure increasing sales and revenues. This program is the first in the industry and will allow developers of all sizes to adopt Expert Home within their marketing and sales mix.

Just Advertising Soil Is Not Attractive!

Lot sales are a specific sell and are less attractive to the market. Lot sales target people who know how to build a home, investors, home developers etc. Lot and land buyers have very different perspectives, desires and needs then homebuyers.

Homebuyers usually want a move-in-ready home as they are more attractive to a more general market. When a home is available along with the land it becomes more vibrant and easier for the customer to have that move-in-ready purchase. Financing as well becomes easier for the end customer.

Lots on there own are difficult for the customer to finance, with only 1 financial institution in Alberta that finances a bare lot. Most times the customer has to get a personal loan at higher interest rates. Wrapping a Park Model / Home with a lot enables all of the financial institutions to use traditional home mortgages to finance the customer. This will make it easier for your customer to buy from you!

The Solution!

As a home builder we know how important it is to sell. Over the years Expert Home has established a working corporation and has a strong running marketing and sales team.  Utilizing what we have established we have created the Expert Listing Service (ELS). The ELS system is a MLS type based system but only catered towards a specific market. The ELS system provides many different features and benefits and allows developers not only to list their land, but also wrap a Park Model or Cottage along with it making it more attractive to the market. When you work with Expert as a developer you get sales, marketing and increased exposure. 

Ready To Increase Sales!

Our Developer Program is completely customized to you and your development including:

  • Research Target Market
  • Attach a Park Model / Home with a lot
  • Increased Marketing
  • Increased Sales
  • Dedicated Sales Executive to Work With
  • Dedicated Website and Landing Page
  • Full Profile and Listing on
  • Complete Catered and Customized Packages.

Expert Listing Service

Expert Listing Service is where you will find your first home or recreational property. We have lot and home packages from across Western Canada. Our highly educated and trained sales specialists are available at your service. Start searching right now at